Wine Tours Australia & New Zealand specializes in customized tours to Australia and New Zealand, focusing
on the premier wine regions of both countries.  We like to blend fine wines with fine dining and local
sightseeing. We believe that wine lovers should taste wine to find those they like and enjoy.  We will
direct you to the vineyards that we believe produce the best examples of their region as well as those you
select, and to some of the best settings to enjoy and savor the fruits of the earth.

We have designed a variety of itineraries in the major wine areas
of Australia and New Zealand to highlight the excellent wine
selections available, while enjoying other activities.   All these
itineraries may be customized to suit individual or
group requirements and budgets, along with leisure activities,
extensions to other parts of these countries and the South Pacific.


We know Australia & New Zealand and have over 30
years experience.  

We offer competitive air fares on Qantas, Air New Zealand, Fiji Airways and Air Tahiti Nui from the USA & and domestic airlines within the countries.   We can assist with stopovers in the Pacific Islands on request.
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Please explore the website. Then select a tour or send us a request for a customized tour. Tell us about
yourself – simply complete the form and either select a tour or design your own itinerary. We'll phone you
to discuss your requirements prior to providing a personalized itinerary and customized quote for a very
special and exciting vacation or wine buying trip to Australia and/or New Zealand. We work closely with
you to match your requirements and budget.
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