About Us

Ballnaves VIC

We know Australia and New Zealand well! And while in Australia for 20 years, we visited many of the wine regions. We have been recommending Antipodean wines to anyone who will listen for decades and take great pleasure in introducing our favorite places and wines to clients.

Wine Tours Australia & New Zealand was established in 1999 and we keep in touch with the changes in the regions on trips back to both countries.  

We specialize in customized tours, focusing on the premier wine regions of both countries.  We like to blend fine wines with fine dining and local sightseeing. We will set up a tour to the vineyards that produce some of the best vintage and non-vintage wines of each region. If you’re curious about a particular vineyard, tell us – we’ll include it as well if possible.  And to make the wines taste even better, we’ll suggest some of the best settings where you can relax, sip and savor.

To ensure that you visit the most important wineries for you, we will ask you to write a short ‘wine bio’ of your interests and experience, often enabling us to arrange private tastings or meetings with wine makers (except during harvest, which varies in each region).

With our extensive contacts within the wine and tourism industry, and partnering with the best regional tour operators, we can tailor wine experiences for first-timers, enthusiasts and wine experts! 

We have designed a variety of itineraries covering the major cities and wine areas of Australia and New Zealand. These itineraries are simply suggestions – choose among them to find excellent wine tasting opportunities complemented by additional touring and leisure activities. You can include as much or as little wine tasting as you wish!  The itineraries can be further customized to suit individual and group requirements and budgets. While you’re Down Under, consider extending to other parts of these countries – perhaps the Great Barrier Reef, Ayres Rock or Kakadu National Park and/or the vacation islands of the South Pacific.

If required, we offer international air fares on Qantas, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Fiji Airways and Air Tahiti Nui from the USA and also domestic tickets within Australia and New Zealand.  We can also assist with stopovers in the Pacific Islands.